Valentine’s Menu Course 3: Chocolate Truffles

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If you missed the Valentine’s Menu Course 2: Homemade Pasta

Here’s the third and final course of my Valentine’s Menu: CHOCOLATE!  It’s amazing how easy these are and how delicious they turn out.  Dare I say healthy too??  If you really don’t like the (very slight) taste of coconut, you could use almond milk instead of the coconut oil.  For vegan truffles, make sure the chocolate is dairy-free.  There are so many easy variations to truffles, I will definitely have these on here again.  I loved displaying them on my Nonna’s antique china tea plates… they’re so sweet.

jk 2.7.15 132

10 oz bag of chopped dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage if possible (mine was vegan and 62% cacao)

3 TBS water

1/4 cup virgin coconut oil

Sprinkle of salt

1 tsp vanilla

Toppings of your choice… I used pistachios, peanut butter chips, cacao powder & powdered sugar with some red sprinkles

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First create your double boiler.  Fill a sauce pan with a little water and bring to a simmer.  Place a glass bowl over the pan so that there is space between the water & the bottom of the bowl (1-2 inches).  The water should not come to a boil.  Add the chocolate, water and coconut oil to the bowl and stir until it melts completely.  It should look shiny and silky!  Take off the heat and stir in a sprinkle of salt and the vanilla.

jk 2.7.15 043

jk 2.7.15 045

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Now put the bowl in the fridge to set for about an hour and a half.  It’s ready when the center doesn’t look shiny anymore.  Prep your toppings, then using a small cookie scoop, scoop some of the mixture and roll gently with your hands to form a ball.  Roll in the toppings and repeat.  Put the truffles back in the fridge to set.  Enjoy!!

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