Veggie Wraps for Roadtrips

Going on a roadtrip?  I wanted to share this quick wrap recipe.  I made these for a roadtrip that my husband and I went on recently from Park City, Utah to Red Rocks in Colorado to see our favorite DJ: Pretty Lights.  I made these veggie wraps so we could eat lunch in the car (during our 8 hour trip!) so we didn’t have to stop and waste any time.  They worked out perfectly.  We ate them while driving with tortilla chips & they weren’t messy and filled us up until dinner.  The show, by the way, was beyond all elements of radness.  Here’s the recipe for the veggie wraps, as well as some pics of our journey…
Veg Wraps for Roadtrip

Prepping the wraps

For 2 wraps:
2 of your favorite wraps
6 TBS approx of hummus (we used roasted red pepper hummus)

2 handfuls of spinach
Few thin slices of yellow onion
Few thin slices of red pepper
Couple dashes of hot sauce
Freshly cracked black Pepper
1 avocado, sliced
First smear on your hummus, add the hot sauce then layer on the veggies, wrap up, then wrap again in tin foil to help keep the shape.

Redrocks, CO


Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

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